Kingdom: Anamalia

Phylum: Chordata 

Subphylum: Vertebrata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Primates 

Superfamily: Hominodea 

Family: Hylobatidae



52 chromosomes


50 chromosomes


38 chromosomes 


44 chromosomes 



Nomascus hainanus

Nomascus nasutus

Nomascus concolor

* Nomascus leucogenys

Nomascus siki

Nomascus annamensis

Nomascus gabriellae

* Symphalangus syndactylus

Hoolock hoolock

* Hoolock leuconedys

* Hylobates moloch

* Hylobates piieatus

Hylobates lar

Hylobates agile

Hylobates albibarbis

Hylobates klossii

Hylobates muelleri

Hylobates funereus

Hylobates abbotti


19 Species Recognized 

Common Names 


Hainan Crested Gibbon

Eastern Black Crested Gibbon

Western Black Crested Gibbon

Northern White - cheeked Crested Gibbon 

Southern White - cheeked Crested Gibbon

Northern Yellow - cheeked Crested Gibbon 

Southern Yellow - cheeked Crested Gibbon 



Western Hoolock

Eastern Hoolock

Moloch, Javan & Silvery Gibbon 

Pileated Gibbon 

Lar Gibbon & White Handed Gibbon 

Agile Gibbon & Dark Handed Gibbon

Bornean White - Bearded Gibbon 

Kloss's Gibbon 

Muller's Gibbon 

East Bornean Grey Gibbon

Abbott's Grey Gibbon

- Gibbon Basics -

Only 25

individuals left 

* Indicates species housed at the GCC

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