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Sponsoring a Field Trip

When you sponsor a field trip you are paying for the tour,  the activity as well as any materials that are needed for the activity. Field trips will be given to the most- in-need school first.  You can also choose to donate toward a field trip or to the
3-part lesson plan, which includes 2 visits to the school.   

​​Field Trips 

As part of our 3-part lesson plan, we encourage on-site visits to the Gibbon Center.  The Center currently houses 40 gibbons.  On arrival you will receive a 30 min - 1hr+ tour of the Center, depending on the age and interest level of the group.  During the tour of the Center, students will get to see 5 species of gibbons, hear stories about the individuals and families housed at the Center, and of course watch the gibbons while they eat, play & sunbathe. Students will learn why it is so important to practice conservation by seeing animals that are currently impacted by deforestation.  At some unexpected moment, as they do every day, the gibbons will begin to sing their territorial call.  You can choose to have your group participate in an activity, if time permits.  We also allow lunch in our picnic area, provided you pick up the trash and are vigilant in keeping the area clean.

Please Note:

  • We can open a gift shop on request. 

  • Large groups require multiple tour guides. 

  • We do not sell food.

  • We do not have water fountains.  

  • We only have one porta-potty.

Sponsor a Field Trip
Sponsor a Field Trip & Class visit
Donate toward a Field Trip
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