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An awesome thank you from West Hollywood Elementary

We had the pleasure of giving a tour to a group of very interested student from West Hollywood Elementary and in return we got over 30 gibbon drawings attached to thank you notes. We would like to share one of them with you.

"Dear Gibbon Conservation Center,

To whom this may concern. Thank you so much for the amazing field trip to your conservation center, I leardned a lot and had an amazing experience. One of my favourite parts was when all of the gibbons started singing, I thought it was really cool and I had never seen that before. They are very intellegent animals and they deserve to live in a good habitat, you make that possible for them. I was actually very impressed with the fact that you couldn't touch them when they put their arm out for you. They seem like very loving animals but I'm sure they can cause a little trouble here and there.

Before I came I had a little bit of knowledge about gibbons, but I can't compare that to how much I learned when I came to your conservation center. I also really love the way you take care of the gibbons, because that is really important thing to do and if you don't things can get out of control. If I had to choose if I'd go back there for another field trip I would definitly say yes! Once again I wanted to say thank you for giving me and everybody else this experience it was really nice and cool to learn more about the gibbons!


Sofie "

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